There are many mosquitoes in summer. The bite of mosquitoes makes the animals and birds not rest well, which affects the growth and more serious is the transmission of diseases. How to safely and effectively prevent mosquitoes and mosquitoes from letting livestock and poultry live through the season with many mosquitoes. Hunan Shuangkang Biotechnology uses mosquito coil products:



1. Keep the farm clean and clean the farm every day. Do not accumulate chicken manure near the farm, because chicken manure is easy to breed mosquitoes.


2. Deal with weeds around the farm. Because there are water sources (odorous water breeds mosquitoes) and weed trees are the breeding environment for mosquitoes, there must be a lot of mosquitoes removed from the puddles around the farm.



3. Hanging mosquito screens on the doors and windows of the farm to prevent outside mosquitoes from entering. Install high-powered exhaust fans to ventilate and ventilate regularly to avoid damp, sweltering and breeding mosquitoes and flies in the chicken house.



4. Shuangkang Biotechnology's breeding mosquito coils are easy to use, safe and harmless, have a wide effective area, strong mosquito resistance, and are made of pure mugwort powder. The mugwort fumigation farm is naturally sterilized and deodorized to purify the farm air.